Friday, November 7, 2008

Kitchen Dreams

First of all, I forgot to mention that I received my cookbook! Woohoo! The mailman actually delivered it on Election Day, but I've been too scatterbrained to blog about it. The recipes look amazing, and I can't wait until the kidlets give me more space in the kitchen so that I can cook more (I do a fair amount of crockpot cooking b/c I can usually get it put together before the kids wake up*). My sister, A, loves Ina Garten and I know that this cookbook is a great addition to my kitchen. Thanks again, Jenn!

Speaking of my that the siding is done and the windows have been replaced and the roof is new and we finally have a deck, my kitchen is really the only thing I'd like to change about the house. (Well, we won't talk about project: basement...that will happen one day!)

My kitchen is very small. It's pretty much a galley-style and there isn't much room for more than two people to comfortably work in (and even that's cutting it close, depending on what is going on). I have quaint visions of cooking and baking with the kids when they're a little bit older, but the smallness of my kitchen will make for cramped quarters. I know they'd love to help out in the kitchen, but I don't quite see how it could work with the setup I currently have. Aside from the basement (which is only a monumental task in that it will require clearing out/sorting through a ton and a half of stuff), the kitchen is the last major area of the house that I'd like to re-do. What I envision, though, would take time and lots of money and would be messy in the short run so it's not happening for quite a while...But I'll keep dreaming about it!

What would you change about your place if you could?

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