Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Getting To Be That Time Of Year

For Christmas 2006, I - insane woman that I am - hand stamped over 60 cards. I was bound and determined to send out just the right picture of the Muffins to commemorate their first Christmas. Now, I'm not overly creative when it comes to the whole cardmaking/stamping thing, so I stamped "love" "joy" "peace" and "hope" around the perimeter of the outside of the card and then simply stamped "believe" on the inside. This may not sound like a lot...but I also did it in alternating red/green colors and would you believe how many times you have to use the letter "e" to do those words? (Yep, that's right...7, if I count correctly.) Add in the fact that I write personal messages in each card and it was a lot of work, but when we finally captured the most perfect photo of the kids and the cards turned out beautifully. I'd do it all over again (of course, that's when the kids were pretty much immobile, so I actually could do something like that).

Last year, it was a bit more difficult to get a good shot of the kids actually even remotely near one another and both looking at the camera at the same time so, after much internal debate, I opted for this. I'm generally not a fan of thattype of photo card, but the kids pretty much left me with no option (and look at how little hair Ella had! I thought she was going to be bald on top forever!). I had the photo cards printed up, but I still inserted them into a traditional Christmas card and wrote personal messages.

This year, I'm fairly confident that I've already got the perfect Christmas card photo. Now...the question is do I try to hand stamp another 60+ cards (with a saying more complex than '06's) or merely print the pictures and put them into the cards I'd already purchased (which can always be held for next year)?

Decisions, decisions.


Lorraine said...

wow, you are wwwwaaaaayyyy more ambitious than me :) i chose a very cute pic of the boys meeting chip and dale and then put in in the 8x4 disney card from walmart. i already ordered 80 and have about 30 in envelopes ready to go. no personal note and the card even had our names printed on them. however i might include a 'ra-ra' letter to the folks that i dont talk to a lot to tell them about baby. i dont like ra-ra letters normally but i also dont feel like writing a personal note on 50 cards. as i said, you are far nicer than me ;) i hope your husband is helping stuff, seal and stamp at least!

H said...

You are too funny, Lorraine! Nope...I just make him sign the cards. And even then, I sign his name to some of them, making him only really sign the ones for his family.