Tuesday, April 22, 2008

At Least My Skin Is Clear Now

I've slowly jumped on the Facebook wagon and it's a weird thing.

Most of the people I'm connecting with, or at least am making my "friends," are from high school and I'm finding myself back in a high school frame of mind when I think of these people. My 15th reunion (holy hell!) is at the end of June and I'm conflicted about whether or not to go. I did go to my 5th (and 6th, because I was closer to the class of '94 than most of the people in my own class), but haven't returned to campus since and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I went to a small private school where everyone knew everyone to some degree, but I was what I call "second tier popular." I was in the "smart kid" classes and was active in theatre and the arts, so I was known around campus. I sucked ass at sports, which I would say was one of the main focuses of the school (everyone had to play at least one season of a sport, rather than have PE class) and was a bit of a goody-good chick and so now I kind feel like the dorkgirl all over again (and can I just say how much I hate that it matters on any level at all).

The ironic thing about my 5th reunion was that people who didn't otherwise have anything to do with me in high school were very quick to be my friends at the reunion. And yet, when I find some old contacts through Facebook, I'm hesitant to make them my friend (a term which is used so loosely, it almost makes me cringe) because of our interactions 15 years ago. I find myself not really wanting to interact with these people even now, when surely we're different now and a hell of a lot more grown up.

I'm 32 years old and somehow I still feel like an awkward 15 year-old when it comes to some people.


That said, there are former faculty that I'd love to see, so I'll most likely make an appearance at the reunion at least for one night.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Guess What The Theme Was

A grand day was had by all and I'm so very pleased with how it all turned out. Thanks, again, to C for her great help and now I'm ready to sleep until next year's celebration.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tempus Fugit

Two years ago today - and six weeks early - the Amazing Muffins came into the world. It was a scary day, a traumatic day, but it will always be the day that forever changed my life in the best possible way. They were tiny, squawking, beautiful and perfect little beings who were whisked away from me shortly after delivery, and I didn't get to see them until they were a few hours old.

The whirlwind surrounding their arrival sneaks up on me from time to time, as it did tonight while I kissed my sweet blessings goodnight, but I will forever be grateful for my miracles.

To celebrate, J took the day off and we enjoyed our time together as a family. The day started off with a visit to our favorite local breakfast place, where the waitstaff sang Happy Birthday to the Muffins as they delivered the kids' pancake, complete with two birthday candles (which the kidlets blew out like pros). Then, we brought the Muffins here and they had a blast exploring and playing and running around like crazy. After wooing them out of the museum with balloons, we treated the big 2 year-olds to ice cream at our favorite ice cream place and then it was off to home to have a rest. We took a walk later in the afternoon and then had a quiet night at home. It was a perfect day.

Happy Birthday, my darlings.

Monday, April 7, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor...

The recent radio silence has been due to J and I frantically trying to catch up, via Netflix, with Battlestar Galactica.

We had to watch the three non-BSG discs that we had, mail those off, then wait for Season 3 to begin arriving. Now, we're working our way through it (two more discs to go after tonight).

Despite not being fully caught up, we did watch the premier of Season 4 last Friday night.

I'm also in the deep in the midst of finalizing birthday party planning, since the Muffins turn 2 on Wednesday (2! My babies are going to be 2!) and their party is this coming Sunday.

More soon, I promise.