Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm A Winner!

Jenn from Jenn's Journal and No Lemon Juice recently breathed new life into No Lemon Juice and held a giveaway to celebrate the relaunch of her site. And...I won a cookbook! Just for leaving a comment! Awesome!

I've been drooling over some of the new recipes that Jenn's been posting and am dreaming of the day when I have the time to try some myself. Also, I won the Barefoot Contessa At Home and I'm psyched b/c I don't own any Ina yet and am looking forward to it.

Woohoo for me!


We had a quiet day around here, but it seems to have flown by. The kids wanted to go for a walk this morning, so we gave in, even though it always turns into a battle of wills with Liam. If allowed to, the boy would run wild forever. Finally, he agreed to head towards home when we offered to go out to eat. Restaurants are a big hit with the kids. Restaurants = crayons. In Liam's case, restaurants = french fries. It was still early when we went for our ride (oh yes, every morning includes a ride by the local airport and National Guard unit to check out the airplanes and helicopters), so we ended up in Tilton, just in time to hit someplace as it was opening. We opted for the 99, which is decent enough, but is a Pepsi place, so I'm never too jazzed to go there. Diet Pepsi sucks.

After lunch, we surprised Mom with a visit and she was thrilled, as were the kids. Before we even get off the highway at her exit, Liam knows it's the way to Nana's house and he gets sooooo excited. Her house wasn't kid-proofed, but the Muffins managed to not make too much of a mess and Mom managed to press J and me into some hard labor, having us move some seriously heavy storage totes from an upstairs bedroom to the room farthest away from it in the house. I guess that was my pre-gym workout.

All in all, a quiet and good day.

Hey, did you hear about Sarah Palin being pranked? Brilliant!

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