Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Bits (Really, I Should Rename The Blog A Random Flea)

  • I really want to do yoga, but I feel very much at a loss about where to begin. For some reason, I'm kind of black and white about it. I feel as though there are two camps of people when it comes to yoga: those that already know how to do it, and those that don't. It's silly, I know, but I kind of have this mental stumbling block when it comes to finding a way to start practicing yoga. Add in the fact that I don't know where I'd ever find the time to take a class or try to teach myself and I think this may be something that I have to hold off on implementing in my life. One day.
  • I had to bring the turkeys up to Mom's today, so she could begin defrosting them and as I was getting ready to leave (warming up the van for the kids, etc.), I came back into the house and Ella was yelling that Liam had turned the "vacuum" on. I was confused, because I know the central vac scares him and he stays away from it (we never use the central vac, it's terribly unpowerful). I could hear a load whirring noise and became even more confused. When I got into the kitchen, I realized that the monkeyboy had climbed up onto the kitchen counter and turned on my KitchenAid mixer on full speed. He was simultaneously pleased with himself and scared because he'd never done that before. Did it stop him from trying to do it later, though? Oh no...he did again tonight while I was out grocery shopping. Apparently, the Muffins gave their father quite the run for his money tonight.
  • My hands are already all dry and starting to crack and it's only the end of November! It's going to be a long winter. I don't really recall it being this cold this early in the winter in a long time. There's already a thin layer of ice on the pond at Mom's and there's little icy patches in parking lots and on the street. Welcome, winter!
  • The Thanksgiving count has increased. We're up to 35 now. My sister, N, was supposed to be going to Pennslyvania to celebrate with her husband's family, but has decided to cancel their trip since the weather is supposed to be bad. Liam and Ella are going to have a blast getting loved up by the entire family.

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