Monday, November 10, 2008

What I Do When I Should Be Sleeping

I told you my day was not yet done...

In order for you to fully appreciate this photo, I should have taken a "before" shot but then you'd get to see just how cluttered I can allow life to get and then you'd think less of me, dear Internets. Suffice it to say that this is a huge improvement over what the dining area looked like just a mere 2 hours before I attacked it (if you're assuming that perhaps we must not always eat at the table in order for it to become cluttered, you'd be correct). If Caitlin ever catches up on her blog reading, she'd attest to the vast change.

Yes, there is a little pile of "to-do" things next to my computer, and there always will be (unless, you know, we're actually eating at the table...then the computer's not there), but it's much improved from what was there. That basket on the floor to the left? Was filled to overflowing with years worth of parenting magazines. Yes, there are still plenty of things within the kids' reach, but they're learning pretty quickly that this is "Mommy area" and to leave things be.

Anyway, now I'm really off to bed.

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