Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tidbits Of The Day

I finally called a new salon in town to make an appointment to do something about my hair. I'm a little nervous...but let's hope that it all works out and I end up loving my new haircut!


I HATE people who hog machines at the gym. Now, I absolutely understand and respect someone's routine, but to sit on a machine for more than 25 minutes and really only use it for ~ 10 mins (if that!) and just take reallllllllly long breaks in between sets? That's just rude. Furthermore, don't have a longass conversation with a fellow gym-goer and take up not one, but two damn machines for more than half an hour (and, I know you weren't oblivious to the fact that other people wanted to use those machines).


I should know better than to try and rest while the kids are napping. If I actually manage to fall asleep, I can never shake off the grogginess once I wake up and I end up being kind of crabby (but, no, it did not contribute at all to my gripe about machine hogs at the gym). I'm very tired lately, though. A nap seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Lorraine said...

oh boy, that IS really rude!