Thursday, November 6, 2008


  • While flipping through my most recent Everyday Food, I saw a recipe for a cheddar-crusted apple pie. Although I know that people combine cheese and apple pie, I have never tried it in my life. It just doesn't seem like a logical food combination to me (so says the chick who has been known to combine french fries and hot fudge sundaes and sour cream and onion potato chips and tomato soup). The recipe seems tempting, though, and I may just try it this year for Thanksgiving. Tell me, though, have you done the cheddar and apple pie thing? Is it really as good as everyone says?
  • The other day, while out for a drive, a large truck cut across 3 lanes of traffic and I was taken aback. I exclaimed, to no one in particular, "Dude, what up?" From the back seat I then heard, "Dude, what up little man?" Take a guess which kidlet it was (hint: she's quite the talker, just like her Mama).
  • Hey did you see this?
  • I honestly think that Sarah Palin is toast (certainly, the finger pointing is pretty much all aimed towards Alaska). Yes, she fired up the 'pub base and she is a solid conservative, but I don't think she's got much of a future beyond this point. I'd be shocked if she is reelected as governor of Alaska when the time comes. We'll see, I guess.
  • I'm jonesing for chinese food. Maybe Saturday night...
  • I'm a rather snarky people-watcher at the gym. If I see someone coming into the gym, say, when I'm getting on a machine for a 60-minute workout and then I see that same person leave before I'm through with my workout? I invariably think to myself, "why even bother coming in?" Bitchy, I know. I should put the spin on it that at least that person is coming in and moving at all and any exercise beats no exercise, right?

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Lorraine said...

my FIL like the cheddar and apple pie thing but he never makes it for his (super tasty) apple pies so i have never tried it

i admire you for working out. i find 100 excuses and the latest is: well i am pregnant and i didnt exercise before so i dont want to start anything new now. but after baby...i want to fit back into those buckets of clothes that didnt quite fit months after patrick b/c i ate too much....HMMM!