Friday, November 14, 2008


I got quite a bit done today during my assault on the kitchen. I have a lot more that I'd like to do, but am pleased with the result.

The kids had a blast up at Mom's and were even good enough that she was game when I asked if J and I could grab dinner before we picked the kids up. Needless to say, Mom will sleep very well tonight, but it's very important to me that she has as much time as possible so I was glad that she was able to watch them for so long. Now...if I can swing this once a month, wow would I be able to get a ton done!


The kids are completely obsessed with Animusic 2 and often request to watch their "music robots." As we were driving up to Mom's this morning, the kids were watching the DVD and asked if they could watch it at Nana's. Now, my mother gets totally skeeved out by the DVD and has told me she thinks it's "creepy." I explained to the kids that Nana didn't like the music robots and that she was actually a little scared of them and that it was better not to watch the music robots at Nana's house.

Cut to tonight: the kids were excited when J and I went to get them and, while I was trying to cajole them into the car, I told them that their music robots were already playing in the van. Liam became very excited, but Ella walked up to my mother and said, "Oh, Nana. You can't watch music robots. It scare you. You very fragile."

My little Miss Smartypants took a concept I taught her about physical strength (actually, it was more like "don't hit Mommy in the head with that, heads are fragile" - I'm slightly more sensitive to the head thing since my bout with labyrinthitis), and extrapolated it to emotional strength. She understood that Mom didn't like the music robots on an emotional level and proceeded to tell Mom that it was alright.

I am in constant awe of my children.

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