Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Day In Review

We all enjoyed a little sleep-in, as it appears the effects of the end of Daylight Savings Time have run their course with the Muffins. I got up shortly before the kids and got them ready for the day once they were awake. I ended up missing the 8:30 Mass, but decided to check out the 11 service and think I may prefer it to the earlier service. The music was different, but the entire congregation sings and it's not quite as crowded. The thing that sucks about going to church by yourself (I was scoping out the service to see if it would work for the whole family next week) is Peace. You have to wait for all of the people around you to shake hands with/hug/kiss the people that they're with before they move onto those around them. Either way, though, it was a good experience and I may start going to that service on a regular basis.

After Mass, I popped into the (very crowded) Holiday Fair that the church was holding. I ended up running into friends of the family and had a quick catch-up with them. Now, I'm not a fan of real maple syrup (I know, blasphemy if you're from New England), but I felt compelled to purchase some of their products and the maple kettle corn was really good. The Muffins liked it, too.

When I came home, I was immediately informed by Ella that "Liam was taking a nap." I was a bit surprised, but he was obviously zonked and needed the rest. He ended up sleeping for a little over 3 hours. Ella, being the relatively self-entertaining child that she is, made it possible to just kind of hang out, periodically snuggle with the Muffin and relax for a good part of the early afternoon. I ended up watching The Tenth Circle on demand, but was disappointed for the most part. I know it had to be adapted for television, but they left out major parts of the book and it felt simultaneously rushed and dragged out, if that makes any sense.

Mom came down around 3:30 and as much as I asked her to not bring balloons (I am so not a balloon person, but she is), she brought a couple of balloons. I knew the kids would have a blast with them at least. She made me a delicious cake, with the best chocolate frosting that I've ever had. I'll definitely have to get the recipe from her, but it involved melting Hershey bars and, for some reason, this really tweaked J out. He was "psychologically thrown off" by that little tidbit and now can't eat the cake. Weirdo.

We did go to the Comman Man for dinner and it was a rather comical event. I didn't realize that J had taken a Tylenol PM last night. This may seem like an insignificant fact, but he's a bit of an alien. The dude can drink an entire pot of regular coffee and then go to sleep. So...1 measly Tylenol PM, while it makes me sleep well and feel completely refreshed in the morning, pretty much makes J an idiot for a few days. They have kerosene lamps on the tables and they don't light them until someone is seated (dinner begins at 4 on Sundays and we were there shortly thereafter, so we were the first to sit at our table). After we were seated, J tried to move the glass of the lamp and nearly broke the thing. Then he was a bit of a zombie when it came to ordering and having some bread. The highlight of dinner, though? As we were sharing a ginormous hot fudge sundae for dessert, the man decided he just had to have a napkin and ended up depositing his spoon into my Diet Coke. The movement was so deft and natural that it threw me off and I didn't even realize that it was my drink that the spoon was in. I laughed for a very long time after that and, yes, I did still drink the soda.

After dinner, we came home, said goodbye to Mom and I hit the gym where I banged out a great workout (today was a cardio-only day so 60 mins on the total body arc trainer). Came home, bathed the kids, played for a bit and then put the Muffins down. I did some vacuuming since the kids are getting into everything (and then some) lately and Liam actually brought me a little handful of dust earlier today.

Now, I'm showered and relaxed but the day is far from over. I still need to tidy the kitchen and do some other cleaning/organizing in the hopes that the kids will get into less tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

How was your day?

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Lorraine said...

okay since i went out on an all out search in my town for maple syrup a week ago, i will have to say you are correct. it is blasphemy if you say you are not totally in love with real maple syrup and you would just as likely have aunt jemima fake stuff on your waffles instead of saying no thanks to any waffles! haha