Sunday, August 19, 2007

All In A Day's Work...

I had my work cut out for me, big time...

This was the easiest part of all.

It was almost ridiculous how much crap I let pile up down there.

It took hours and hours, but the unfinished part of the basement is organized and tidy! I killed a gazillion spiders and sucked up cobwebs too numerous to count. I have a ton and a half of laundry to do (I set up 2 3-section laundry organizers and they are both full - seriously), but it's done.

The ultimate goal is to clear out the partially finished side of the basement so that we can strip the wallpaper, paint the walls, get new carpeting and install a third heat zone (hence why I call it "partially finished"...there's no heat down there and therefore we've let it become a storage area rather than utilize the space). So...we need the unfinished side of the basement cleaned and organized so that we can store the stuff from the finished side while we do the renovations. My vision is that the new finished side will primarily be a kid zone, but with an area for me to set up my quilting on a permanent basis. Also, J and I have been talking about getting a recumbent exercise bike, so that'd be there, too. I came up with this idea one night in bed when I couldn't fall asleep and it is a great idea, but God does it seem easier when I'm upstairs and only talking about my plan. For a while, I would get so overwhelmed whenever I would go downstairs and try to envision what I wanted (not to mention needed) to do. Now the ball is rolling, however, and I'm hoping that I can keep up the pace (I'd like to work downstairs on Saturdays and then have Sundays be for the four of us) and hopefully have everything done by the time snow flies. After today's success, I don't think that's too ambitious and I'm feeling less overwhelmed by the project.

Isn't it lovely now? (You know, for a basement...)

More storage!

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