Wednesday, August 8, 2007


We had so much fun with KL and S today! The kids got along wonderfully and it's just so amazing to see our kids (our kids!) playing together. It's such a big trip to make in one day with a toddler (5 hours round trip) and I'm so happy that KL could come to visit.

The pound cake came out nicely. I bailed on making something for lunch and we ordered from D'Angelo instead (C totally got me addicted to the Thanksgiving toasted - but, no cranberry sauce for me!) and we had a picnic in the living room, followed by toasted pound cake sundaes for dessert. The kids were in heaven.

Today was a birthday times three for some near and dear. D turned 33; our nephew, B, turned 9; and our niece, G, turned 1. I still need to get G's gift out in the mail. Hopefully by this weekend.

J's watching a B movie on FEARnet (he loves the cheese). Actually, it's got Spanish subtitles, so he likes to compare the translation to the dialogue. And, he loves the cheese.

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