Monday, August 27, 2007


We had a very full weekend, which was just right. It didn't go by too quickly and we accomplished a lot.

I kind of went a little nuts wanting a change for the living room and so we went out to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up new slipcovers for the sofas, along with all new pillows. (I think I'm preferring BB&B to Linens and Things now.) I am completely in love with my living room again. The change wasn't inexpensive, but was much less costly than buying new couches, which was actually on my mind. Yesterday, C and Mom came over for dinner and I made a nice cranberry roast pork, mashed potatoes (which I still suck at, but they were alright - mashed potatoes seem to be the bane of my cooking existence), green beans and homemade brownie sundaes for dessert. P was supposed to come, too, but he ended up working all day since he's taking this week off to be with his kids before they return to school. Sunday was a good day.

I'm so done with the heat and humidity. I do not enjoy summer - never have, never will. Lately, though, I've been feeling as though I can do anything and it's a pretty great feeling. I'm just kind of enjoying being in this place now. I'm eager for the days to turn cooler and the nights to be longer.

Now, I just need to get cranking on Devin's baby quilt (D and his fiancee, R, have settled on Devin for the baby's name). And, I need to figure out how to get #2 to stop pulling #1's hair. Really, she's rather sadistic about it. Poor #1.

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