Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Catching Up

I've been crazybusy lately. The Muffins have been all over the place and are keeping me on my toes more than usual. Last week, #1 wasn't feeling so well and was cranky more often than not. For the past few days, #2 has decided it's her turn to be a crankcase. So...we've got a lot o' crankiness going on in our house.

Lots of company, too. Last night, after the kidlets were in bed, I cleaned the house in anticipation of a nearly full week of visitors. Today, my niece, Nurse, her partner, L, and Nurse's sister (another niece whose name also begins with J so I need to come up with another pseudonym for her and can't think of one right now) stopped by while on their way to visit A in Vermont (both nieces are A's daughters). The girls came by after spending a lovely weekend at the Newport Folk Festival and we had a great visit. #1 and #2 were highly entertaining and it's always a nice change of pace to have company.

Nurse and L, who live in Philadelphia, have a full week ahead of them making plans for their commitment ceremony scheduled for late next summer. I am so excited for them and can't wait to hear how the week goes and the details so far.

Tomorrow (actually, today), KL and S are coming for a visit. I love watching the kids play together (happily, #2 is not aggressive with other kids the way she is with #1), and it's always a great time when KL and I get to visit. C's coming for a visit, too and I'm planning on making this for dessert.

Mom's visiting on Wednesday. I think Thursday is free (although the kids will most likely be so used to having company that spending the day with me will be booooooring).

J is taking Friday off and we're going here. I'm hoping for good weather.

Totally off topic: A little while ago, J and I watched a Food Network special about the creation of a new flavor for Haagen Dazs ice cream. Well, tonight at the grocery store, I saw a display promoting the new flavor (read: I nearly walked into the display as it was sticking out from the freezer doors) so I decided to buy a container. J and I could finally see what all the fuss was about. Holy God, that shit is good! Dangerously good. Seriously.

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j said...

That fair looks like fun!

I keep telling myself that this is THE year that I"m going to make it to the Common Ground Fair. Though I wouldn't make any bets yet.

Have fun!