Monday, August 13, 2007

New 'Do

Whew! The weekend flew by. After Friday's excursion to Land of the Busybodies, we had a relatively quiet Saturday. For me, the day started off with a trip to the salon for a haircut and some color. I love my stylist, but the reception people at the salon are a bunch of skinny bitches. And they're pretty stupid to boot. I have little tolerance for chicas whose conversations only revolve around fashion and whether or not Britney's mother actually slept with K-Fed (oh how Brit actually makes him look like a responsible person). The front desk girls have a way of making you feel as though checking in for your appointment is so very inconvenient. Who knows? Maybe the solution to the crisis in the Middle East really does hinge on finding the perfect shade of lip gloss to match your shoes. Maybe I'm being too judgmental. That said, I'm happy with the color. She went a tad too short on the length, but it'll grow and it won't take long.

#1 had been a crankyboy while I was gone, so we packed up the kids and went out for the afternoon. On a whim, I decided to replace the curtains in the front room, living room and kitchen/dining area. Curtain pulling has been a favorite baby pastime as of late and J and I never really liked the off-white lace (the curtains came with the house and we just never got around to doing anything about them until this weekend). Target we went and we settled on some cranberry valances. What a difference! They're much more our style than what was hanging there, collecting dust; they let in more light and totally change the look of the rooms. We love them! And...they were on sale, so we made a welcome change for little investment.

Today was lovely. Though we're both exhausted, J and I had made plans for C to watch the kids so we could go out. We caught The Bourne Ultimatum and then had an early dinner at perhaps my most favorite restaurant. The movie was very good and held my attention throughout (even though occasional waves of bone-deep tiredness washed over me - the whole insomnia thing has been a bit out of control lately) and our dinner was fantabulous (finished off with a perfect white chocolate brownie sundae that was scrumptious). #1 was still rather cranky today, but C was great with the kids and the night went smoothly.

Oh how the weekends go too soon.

Hey, is anyone watching Damages or State of Mind?

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