Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Thought, A Woohoo, And A Vote

My sister A sent me this link tonight.

Over the summer, NH's governor signed into law a bill opposing the mandatory separation of multiples in the classroom and I was all in favor. As the mother of twins, I want to be able to have input into my children's education and wasn't pleased with the idea that #1 and #2 faced the prospect of compulsory separation when they went to school (if we don't homeschool, that is).

When Eldest Sister sent her two oldest (also b/g twins) to school, she wasn't made to separate them and I think it ended up being a great thing that my niece and nephew were able to stay together throughout school.

I'm very glad that I have the choice, too.


In other news, thank Christ (or should I thank Joseph Smith?) that Marie did not win! I was fully prepared to turn the tv off right then and there if she advanced to the final two. If Sabrina couldn't win, then Helio deserved it and J and I were both thrilled that he got it. Woohoo!


In other, other news. I took this political quiz (link originally from Oro) and I lined up 80% with Dennis Kucinich. Sorry, Dennis, I'm not voting for you. I must say, I'm more than a little burnt out on politics at the moment. But, in case you're wondering, Obama's my man.

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