Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More About Me

Cecily did this meme on Friday and, rather than tagging someone in particular, said that anyone who read her could consider themselves to be tagged. Having completely drawn a blank about what to write tonight, here I go...

List 7 random or weird things about yourself:

~ Before the kids were born, I wouldn't get out of bed if the last digit on the clock wasn't a 5 or a 0. If I missed it, I'd wait until the next one. Yes, this sometimes made me dangerously close to being late for work. Now, I don't even look at the clock when someone wakes up.

~ Up until a few months ago, I'd never gone to church by myself.

~ I may have mentioned this before, but I hatehatehate to wear socks. I hate it when my feet are hot. In high school, we had to play a season of sports, rather than have PE, and I played basketball (very, very poorly) my freshman year. I used to walk back to the dorm barefoot in the dead of winter because I couldn't stand how hot my feet were after practice.

~When I was in nursery school, I played the Virgin Mary in our Christmas pageant. My mother was thrilled.

~ I went to camp the summer between 5th and 6th grades with my niece who's older than I am. Despite being in the same cabin with her, I ended up becoming so homesick (and felt immense guilt for missing my mother's birthday) that I went home early.

~ My father really, really wanted to name me Clementine. My mother refused. I wasn't officially named for months.

~ I was baptized Lee Frances, (Mom's middle name and the feminine of my father's first name) but my mother thought Lee was too grown up for a baby, so it became my middle name when they finally settled on a first name for my birth certificate. Years after my father died, I changed the spelling of Lee to Leigh and and took Frances back as my second middle name. No matter who won the naming contest, I don't really like my first name.

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