Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dancing, According To Me

The voting system for Dancing With the Stars needs to be changed. I think the judges' scores should account for 75% of the overall total, with the public's votes making up the remaining 25%.

Marie Osmond, lovely woman though I'm sure she is, does not deserve to be in the finale. Between the two of them, Jenny deserved to make it - she's improved the most and her partner's choreography was top notch all throughout the season. While I love Marie's partner, Jonathan, winning because you're paired up with America's sweetheart just doesn't seem as valid or sweet a win to me. The show's always been a popularity contest to some extent, but it's seemed, in previous seasons, that eventually the best/most talented/strongest dancer does win out in the end. Clearly, that's not happening this go 'round.

But we already know that the best dancer was voted off weeks ago. Sabrina should have won the entire gig. It should have come down to her and Helio, with Mel B. being the dark horse.

If Marie wins, I'm going to stop watching the show altogether.

End rant.


#1's cold has gotten worse and he spent most of the day sacked out with me on the couch. Poor little dude; I feel terrible for him. He had an energy burst for a little bit, but then feel asleep on me again. Is there any feeling more wonderful?

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