Monday, November 12, 2007

This And That

Watched this the other night. Really enjoyed it. Of course, I'm a little bit in love with Alan Rickman so I'll watch anything that he's in, but it was a good film.

I'm not usually a plain-flavored ice cream kind of girl, but give me a mug of Gifford's World's Best Vanilla or Wicked Chocolate anytime.

The kids were playing quietly over near the stairs tonight so I checked on them (with the Muffins, playing quietly together can be a good thing or just as easily lead to a bad, hair pulling situation) . They were both bent over, world's cutest bums up in the air, licking the carpet. Uhm....OK. I made sure to vacuum after they went to sleep tonight.

Last week, when registering at the hospital in order to have some blood drawn, the woman who was verifying my information frowned at me when I told her I was no longer working (and therefore to delete my work contact information). "Didn't you like it?" she asked me. "Oh, I liked it just fine, but I'm a stay at home mother now and I love that more." "Hmmm," she furrowed her brow. I don't feel as though I need to justify myself to anymore - especially not my decision (not to mention good fortune) to stay home to raise my children - but to alleviate the tension that was quickly descending upon us I quipped, "I have twins, the daycare would've eaten my salary anyway." She looked over at me and, pretending to understand, slowly said, "OK." Ugh.

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