Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." - Omar Khayyam


I turned 32 today. All in all, it was a rather unspectacular day and that's A-OK with me.

As someone who focuses on time quite a bit, I used to make a big deal about birthdays - my birthday in particular. I deeply believe that a birthday is a time to celebrate who you are, to take the time to look at all you've accomplished, appreciate what you have and look ahead to what you hope to achieve.

Before I was blessed with the Muffins, my birthdays were always notable events - J would send roses to me at work, C would order super yummy cakes from one of our favorite restaurants, and I was always spoiled with gifts and goodies galore. Now, though, I neither want nor need all of the hoopla to mark the anniversary of my entrance into this world. Yes, it's nice to acknowledge the day on some level; this year, J bought me some delicious chocolates and C was up visiting yesterday and this morning. Mom came down and watched the kids for a bit so J and I could pop over to the Holiday Open House at my favorite store. I went to church this afternoon and picked up dinner on my way home. But today could have been any Saturday, really.

Personally, I'm loving my 30s and was thrilled to leave my 20s behind. I started this decade off by announcing, on my 30th birthday, that J and I were expecting twins - what an absolutely amazing day that was! I'm looking forward to growing older and to watching my life unfold. The grey hairs, though not too numerous yet, get to me a little bit, but I'm actually looking for my first laugh lines - to me, those are a sign of a life well lived.

My birthday is still cause for celebration, but it's not a celebration of me. Rather, it's a day to celebrate how blessed I am and to drink in more deeply the beauty and love that surrounds me not just on November 10th, but everyday.

I have all that I've ever wanted and it's more than enough.