Monday, November 19, 2007

Breakfast Bars and Toddler Stats

This morning, as I was laying in bed trying to convince myself that I did indeed have to get up because the kids couldn't very well take themselves to the pediatrician, I was listening to Morning Edition on NPR and Nigella Lawson was talking about her latest book. Specifically, she was talking about quick breakfast ideas.

While I'm not a fan of avacado, I found the second recipe very appealing and, being in a bakery kind of mood, decided to whip up a batch of the breakfast bars tonight. I didn't use peanuts, mostly because I couldn't find any unsalted ones anywhere, but also because I'm not a huge peanut lover. I used almonds instead and the bars came out pretty great. I was a bit of an eager beaver and didn't let them cool long enough before I tried to transfer them out of the pan, so some were a little crumbly, but the more they set up, the better they were. Bonus: I put some of the leftover bits on my ice cream tonight and wow it was good.


The kids' appointment went fairly well. #2 didn't scream nearly as much as she did last time, although she wouldn't let us put her in the stroller so we had our first experience being stroller-less in the waiting room. Except for a couple of grumpy old men who apparently were never ever children themselves, it wasn't too bad.

Now for the stats...

#1 weighs 24 lbs, 2 ozs, landing him ~ 21st percentile; he's 34 inches tall, though, landing him in the 81st percentile for height. He's my tall skinny dude and I need to get more overalls for him because hardly any of the 24 month pants fit him in the waist and most of his 18 month pairs are rapidly becoming too short.

#2 weighs 25 lbs, 12 ozs, putting her in the 54th percentile for weight; she's 32 3/8 inches, putting her in the 59th percentile for height. Pretty smack-dad average and that's OK by me.

Both kids still have big heads, too.

I was a little surprised that #1 wasn't at 25 lbs yet, but we weren't at all surprised that #2 outweighs #1 by more than a couple of ounces (as had been the case for the last couple of appointments). She's a solid little thing and is pretty much all muscle. Both Muffins checked out just fine otherwise and had their last Hep B shot and also got the flu shot. They both have little colds, but it's nothing to worry about (J's coming down with it, too), and now we won't go back to the doctor until their 2-year check-up.

All's well and I'm a very happy Mumma.

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