Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lack Of Cohesion

The great irony about my enjoyment of Project Runway is that I know - and care - this much about fashion. The drama and the challenges are fascinating and I already loathe one of this season's contestants (Christian, I'm looking at you, you little bitch), but in terms of appreciating fashion, much less incorporating it into my life, I just do not get it.

Don't get me wrong, I care about my appearance and make an effort to look decent, but I just don't think that "decent" means spending a ton on clothing or accessories or squeezing my feet into ridiculously high heels.

Comfort trumps all for me.


The Muffins decided to wake up 3 hours early today. I managed to get them back down, but they never really made up for the lost sleep from this morning.

Mom, C and I went shopping for a bit and then tried to grab a bite to eat. No dice. #1 was a crankcase (not a pretty scene) and put up a good fight and we ended up leaving the restaurant.

I think I've decided what play kitchen Santa is going to bring the kidlets. I'm still deciding on a wooden advent calendar. Restoration Hardware had one that would have been perfect, but it's no longer available. The next choice is this one. I'm not entirely sold on it, though. I know they're still too young this Christmas season to appreciate...well pretty much anything not sparkly and/or that lights up, but I'd like to start the tradition this year anyway.

I'm exhausted.

And it's only Wednesday.


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