Monday, November 5, 2007

Squeaking By With Bullet Points

  • Guess who made pumpkin bread the other night and forgot to add the pumpkin?
  • Knocked Up is funnier than Blades of Glory.
  • I bought a table today to set up in the guest room so I can work on Devin's quilt. Now, my mother wants to visit and sleep over so I can't set up my sewing machine.
  • Can I brag for a moment? My children love spinach. A particular favorite is Amy's spinach feta in a pocket. They end up smelling like garlic for hours, though. But...they're eating spinach!
  • Totally lame post, I know. More tomorrow, including a story about my mother, the gift thief.

1 comment:

orodemniades said...

Pumpkin bread?

Recipe please!

Mm, I loved spinach when I was a kid, too. And really, garlic in any amount is A Good Thing(tm). Of course, I'm part Sicilian and Polish, so, y'know...