Monday, November 26, 2007

I Remembered What Else I Had To Say

Last night, as J and I were putting the kids to bed, #1 walked over to his crib and surveyed the results of his not wanting to nap earlier in the day. When he's upset and doesn't want to sleep, he throws all of the stuff in his crib out of his crib. Usually, J or I will just pick it all up and throw it back in, but last night #1 decided he would clean up after himself.

It was so damn sweet.

Upon running into the nursery, #1 surveyed the situation in front of his crib. All of a sudden, he picked up his stuffed lamb and, standing on the tippiest of toes, lobbed it back into his crib. Then, he picked up one of his blankets and, though it was more difficult than the lamb, he managed to get it all back in. Next up, he launched his lavender lab and then his puppy head blanket safely into their home. J and I looked on in amazement; #1 was so intent on making sure his sleep accessories were back in their proper place and clearly he wouldn't be ready to go to bed without them. When he had everything back to his satisfaction, #1 wrapped his favorite blanket around him and then turned to J, raised him arms, indicating that he was ready to have his kisses and went na-night.

Every day - every single day - has moments of wonder and joy.

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orodemniades said...

Aww, that is so cute!!

If only Mr Oro would do that... :P