Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Love And A Nice To Meet You

What a lovely day! I had a wonderful visit with Derek and Roxxy and got to snuggle down with baby Devin. He's a sweet little nugget and I adored holding a wee little one again. The early days with the Muffins seem like a very distant memory at this point and, logically, I know that they were once that small (smaller, even), but it seems so hard to believe now (especially considering that #2 spent most of the evening walking/jumping off of the couch and I was convinced she wasn't going to be able to stand up after each plop onto the floor - she got up each and every time, and even did a little victory dance after what she deemed a successful attempt).

Derek and his mother own a hair salon and he was appalled when I mentioned the shampoo I'm currently using (hey, it works and that's really all that matters to me). Before I left them, he insisted that I stop by the salon so he could throw product at me that I had to promise to use. I'm used to this, though, as he's been foisting hair care products on me since high school, but I can't help but feel a little guilty for not paying and for knowing full well that I'll go back to my current product once I go through all of the stuff he gave me.

A fellow blogger is currently staying in Brattleboro and, when she read that I would be in town today, suggested we meet up for a little visit. She was quite cool and it was great fun meeting someone whom I've been reading for a while now. (And, she's pregnant, so I had a blast picking out baby clothes for her and was so excited to give them to her!) She didn't out me on her blog (but you so totally can), so I'll wait for her approval, too. I had a great time! And I'm so pleased that your Mr. liked the baby duds, as well :) J was also very relieved that I didn't end up dead. I told him she wouldn't be a serial killer, but he worried anyway (I think he's forgotten how he and I met over 11 years ago...)

OK, picture time...

Devin (and my thumb)!

Holy hell, she's so damn cute.

My serious boy (he's in love with that monkey).

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