Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Weekend In Review

It was Mom's birthday on Friday so we went out to dinner with her, my brother, P, and two of his children. It was a nice time and I was pleased that Mom relented to going. She was trying to get out of it all day, until I told her that a reservation, and other plans, had already been made and she just needed to relax and go. Though she feigned embarrassment as the cake was brought out, I know she was secretly thrilled that we marked the day in a special way.

C and I did the midnight Harry Potter thing and it was nice. We learned last time not to go to the big name chain store in town last time and, instead, went directly to the locally owned small bookstore downtown. Although there was a larger crowd this time around, seeing as it was the last book and all, it wasn't too bad and we even ended up chatting with some folks who had pre-ordered copies at the big name chain store in town but left empty-handed and found themselves at the local bookshop. Still, we were out by 2 am and made our way home to start the book. Well, I finished it. Meaning, I read the epilogue first so I know who, of the major characters, makes it (for the most part) and how they end up. I still haven't finished the last book. I seem to recall not being able to get into it very easily, but as I've been re-reading it this past week, I realized that I made it a good 350+ pages in. I just didn't finish it. No bother. I'm on my way. Even though J had gone to bed early Friday night, he woke up when I went to bed and we talked until well past 4 am. I'm still tired.

Yesterday started off lovely enough with a relaxing massage. The weather was gorgeous and the kids were happy. Halfway through the day, though, we dispensed with the living room gate altogether. #2 just kept escaping and #1 would get upset that he couldn't figure out how to escape from under the gate. So...most of yesterday afternoon was spent piling things up high and covering most of our elevated surface area with items that we didn't want the babies to touch. The kids love the newfound freedom, though, and it's cute to see them explore. For a couple hours after the gate was removed, #1 still would climb up on the couch and escape by launching himself over the arm of the couch and backing off of the end table. He caught on and now just walks around the living room - most of the time. I caught him still doing the end table gig today from time to time. Apparently just for fun. He's far more athletic than I.

The highlight of today was hooking up with P for dinner at my new favorite summer eatery. He made me ride with him in his new car, which is pretty sweet, except he almost made me sick when he tried to impress me with how much power the car had. Boys. Silly.

We're off to visit Mom tomorrow. My eldest sister will be visiting for a few days and she hasn't seen the Muffins since they were 7 months old, so she should get a kick out of how much they've changed. She has b/g twins, too. They're 29. Oh.My.God. They're 29. I'm starting to feel a bit old.

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