Monday, July 9, 2007

Here I Am

A bit about me then?

I'm a very content stay-at-home-mom to boy/girl toddler twins who keep me on my toes. In my previous life I worked in a library and flirted heavily with the idea of becoming an English professor. Really, though, I was just kind of skating through life until we were blessed with our children. Purpose now found.

I'm married to the incomparable J who is an amazing partner and friend.

I'm opinionated and strong and can hold my own in an argument. My mother likes to describe me as a bull in a china shop, but I'd like to think I have a little more grace than that.

Why A Grateful Flea? My mother has forever called me Flea. She claimed once it's because my two middle names, when run together, sound like the word "flea." Once I was done looking at her as though she had four heads, I reminded her that that was only the case if you took my middle names out of order. I've always been told that I had the energy of a flea when I was a little girl - constantly hopping from one thing to the next. Either way, it's led to a nickname that I respond to sometimes more easily than my own name. I hope the grateful part speaks for itself.

My niece thought a blog would be "good for me." Whatever that means.

I suppose the first entry is always a bit lame, eh?

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