Monday, July 9, 2007

For Future Reference...

  • J - My husband
  • #1 - Son, 1 minute older than his sister
  • #2 - Daughter, trying to always assert herself as the Alpha Baby
  • C - My niece who lived with us for over 5 years; she's out on her own now, but we're very close
  • Mom - My mother
  • LD - Little Dog; he's a little bit crazy and hates everyone except for me, J, #1, #2 and C, but he's our other baby and we love him - actually, his affection for the Muffins is directly related to whether or not they have food for him; otherwise, he doesn't care much about the kids

That's it for now. There are several others, and I need to come up with appropriate pseudonyms for each. The above are the main players, though.

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