Thursday, July 12, 2007

100 Things About Me, Part 4

  • I'm an ENFJ.
  • I pray every night.
  • I prefer to be the driver. This works out well because J hates to drive.
  • When I was young, I always hated going to my sisters' houses because they made their kids go out to play. I wanted to stay inside and read.
  • I got married shortly before my 21st birthday.
  • I don't drink alcohol.
  • I don't like bananas, unless I'm making banana nut oatmeal bread.
  • These are my favorite snack. Ever.
  • I have a crush on James Marsters. Spike was definitely the hottest vamp. Seriously.
  • I collect Bennington Pottery. In Blue Agate.
  • In middle school, I prefered shop to home ec class. You could talk more during shop class. And, power tools are fun.
  • My biggest craving while I was pregnant was for milk.
  • My biggest aversion was to Chinese food.
  • I absolutely hate to wear socks. I wear my sandals until the day it snows, and I have them right back on at the first sign of spring. I don't wear my sandals with socks, though.
  • I have wide feet with a high instep. It's a bitch to find good shoes.
  • Unfortunately, it looks as though I've passed my feet onto both #1 and #2. (He's got some serious flippers going on.)
  • I put only mustard on hot dogs.
  • Every year for Christmas, J buys me an Ansel Adams calendar.
  • Sometimes, I can't believe that I drive a minivan.
  • I'm always grateful for the reason I drive a minivan.

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