Sunday, February 1, 2009

Battery Recharged

I was almost late for church this morning, but squeaked in just in time. For some reason, even though I know perfectly well what time Mass is, I thought I had an extra half an hour and J had to remind me to leave.

I love the peaceful feeling I have when I leave church. On the Sundays when I can't make it, I end up feeling very much like I do on the days when I don't make it into the gym. Both "reset" me in a way, I guess, and I feel off when I don't have the chance to recenter myself with either a physical or spiritual workout.

I met an old acquaintance for lunch today and it was so fabulous catching up. We'd always known each other growing up and our mothers are church friends. Lately, Katie and have reconnected recently on Facebook. She lives here in Concord, so I suggested that we meet up for a meal sometime. We talked for nearly 4 hours! I really enjoyed seeing her again and we have plans to meet up next weekend. Looking forward to it!

When I got home, I played with the kids for a while and then hit the gym. Superbowl Sunday is pretty much the only day that you can guarantee that the gym'll be dead. Last night, I started in on a new weight routine that I devised and oh God am I feeling it today. I pushed it pretty hard, but the soreness feels good.

The kids had a great day with J and, although I feel a twinge of guilt for having some days where I'm not around much, I know that it's good for all of us to have a change of pace.

Life is good.

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