Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Being Able To Postpone Your Together Time

For years, I've been quietly hounding J about getting TiVo. He just wasn't that into it. For a long time, we didn't need such a service. We could watch what we wanted when we wanted. Then Liam and Ella were born and we spent the better part of the first few months with the tv permanently on one of the classical digital music channels, partially to soothe the babes and partially because our brains were so fried that we couldn't take in anything more stimulating than the lilting tones of violins, cello and the occasional harpsichord.

Then, the kids grew and we started to get a little more sleep. Cait and JP got DVR when they moved into their apartment last year and I developed a little case of DVR envy. We started to get more sleep and I was able to actually pay attention to the television shows that I cared about in my pre-kid life. So...I started up again with the whole "we should get DVR" thing. I gave up on TiVo. Everyone who was anyone had DVR, or so I heard.

Last week, after discovering a new show that I'd like to be able to stay up on, missing another of my shows, and giving up entirely on this season of 24 (I just can't sit in front of my computer to catch up on the episodes I've missed), I turned to J and said, "I love you and we need to do something. On Demand is great, but not everything we watch is there. So, for Valentine's Day, we're getting DVR. Because nothing says "I love you" more than an electronic device that allows you to delay spending time together...although it's nice, quiet time once we can sit down to catch up!"

He agreed.

We're still learning the ropes, but last night when I was ~ 8 minutes late for the beginning of Top Chef, I was able to rewind the episode because J had already set the tv to the right channel. Woohoo!

Don't worry. The requisite chocolate and card exchange will still happen for the big day 'o love. The DVR was just a bonus.


Lorraine said...

i LOVE dvr!!! yeah for you!

Lorraine said...

sowasnt sure if you would go look at my comment back so here it is...
on my blog too. haha

yes abby is a beagle. she actually doesnt howl TOO much...i think you mean the baying where she is on the track of a scent and making that crazy noise, right?
she does bark a lot b/c she sees the neighbor's cat. she was adorable as a puppy....

i think i am not a pet person to be honest...