Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sunday is generally my busiest day of the week. Between going to church, going grocery shopping (even though I always swear that I'm going to go on a weeknight, b/c it's always more quiet then), trying to make a nice family dinner and hitting the gym, I'm out of the house a lot and the day tends to fly by.

This morning, Katie and I went to early Mass and then went out for a nice breakfast. After I dropped her off, I hit the grocery store and the produce section was mobbed. While I was waiting patiently to grab some tomatoes (making soup again this week!), a kind looking woman smiled at me and I thought she looked familiar, but couldn't place her. As I was bagging up my tomatoes, the woman turned to me again and said, "it's Heather, right?" I nodded my head and my mind began racing to try and place her. Finally, I got it. She's an aesthetist at the fancy schmancy salon I used to go to in Manchester. I love her and have only been in maybe twice in the past 18 months for a facial and brow wax, but felt instantly guilty because I'm not going there anymore. We made small talk and she asked when the last time was that I had been in to my stylist. I answered honestly, that it had been a very long time, and then she asked when the last time was that she had seen me (it'll be a year in late-June). She looked me over, told me I looked great, and I told her that I'd drop hints to J about getting me a gift certificate for Valentine's Day.

It was beyond obvious that she could tell my hair had been cut recently (hello, I have bangs that grow quickly!) and my brows, having been done ~ 3 weeks ago, are still rather sculpted...oh I am so totally busted!

That said, she does do a great facial and is very sweet. Maybe I'll drop that hint to J anyway.


K8tMi1ls said...

I read that so wrong - I couldn't figure out why it was important to mention she was an atheist that worked at the salon. I seriously had to read and re-read a few times. Ooops, my faux pas!g

H said...

Oh, you crack me up!

Lorraine said...

I thought atheist the first time i read it too! haha

heather, i would have felt so bad that she recognized me and i wasnt using her anymore! haha!