Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Love

Backstory: Liam and Ella have commented on several occasions about how "big" my sister, M, is. Given that M is rather, shall we say, not petite, we just kind of assumed that they were commenting on her size. Oddly enough, though, they'd never said anything about me being big. From time to time, they'd say that Nana or Daddy was big, too (Daddy is most definitely not big), so I wasn't quite sure what they were cuing into when they used "big" to describe someone.

Today, I found out.

While we were out for a drive, Ella was chattering away and telling me that J was going to eat her Elmo book. I told her that that would be very silly. She agreed. Then, I told her that Daddy loved her and Liam very much.

The following conversation ensued:

H: Daddy loves you and brother so much.

E: Yeah, he does.

L: Yeah.

E: Daddy is big, like Nana.

H: What does it mean to be big?

E: Daddy and Nana are big, Mumma. They are big with my love. They love Liam and me and they are big with love.

H: Oh! That's what it means to be big?

L: Yeah.

E: And you, Mumma. You are big, too. You love Liam and me, too.

H: I sure do!

She then went on to list pretty much everyone in our family that she sees on a regular basis and tell me how much they love her. Liam agreed with her list and my heart? It continues to melt.