Sunday, December 28, 2008

Twin Love

First, a note: I had a fabulous dinner out with friends from middle school last night. It was so lovely to catch up and I hope we get together again soon!


It's hard to believe that tomorrow will be a "normal" day. No big meal to cook, no presents to wrap, no last minute groceries to run out and get. It seems as though the past two weeks have been crammed full of Christmas preparations and I'm only now just starting to feel the whirwind die down. J goes back to work in the morning (but only for two days, he's taking Wednesday and Friday off again) and Mom's coming down so I can hit the gym. I don't know as though I'll know what to do with myself!

I've noticed that the kids are crazier on days when both J and I are around. I've been running around a lot lately and he's been home with the Muffins and they've been pretty damn great for him. The moment I step through the door? Near insanity. It's the same thing during the week, if J' working in the office. The kids and I have a pretty good routine going on (a loose routine, granted, but we have our usual daily things that we do), and when J gets home from work they go nuts! It doesn't seem to happen when Mom or Cait is over, just when both J and I are around.

That said, they've had some sort of developmental spurt or something recently and they are very funny and mostly cooperative. I miss my tiny babies, but I love these toddlers who are hilarious, talkative, creative little jokesters. They enjoy each other's company more and love making the other laugh. Ella's very much a little mother and is always making sure that Liam has what he needs, especially if he's upset (actually, they both tell me when the other is upset and neither of them likes to be without the other for too long). If Liam and I are out without Ella, he only lasts so long before he "want to go see Ehya." I love how much they love each other.

Today, when I came home from church, she was pushing him in the baby doll stroller that Santa brought (for her new Cabbage Patch Preemie, mind you). She was even "feeding" him from the baby bottles intended for her doll. At one point Ella even said, "Oh, Liam, will you be my baby please?"

Oh! The cuteness!

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