Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Since Sunday Night

Bake cookies. Wrap. Laundry. Dishes. Wrapping. Good Lord, the wrapping! Hit the gym for appointment with the trainer. Get ass kicked by trainer (in a great way!). Play with kids. Take them out for obligatory daily ride. Naptime! More laundry. Finish grocery list. Order pizza. Watch in amusement as kids feed themselves and make huge messes. Bathe kids. Hit grocery store (for the fourth time in less than two weeks and still manage to not get everything!). Unload groceries. More laundry. Play Clay Aiken's Christmas album so often that J refers to this as the "Clay Christmas." Wrapwrapwrapwrap! Organize gifts (into piles...who's coming for Christmas, who's coming for the 26th). Make sleepytime tea. Go to bed. Remember the turkey! Run downstairs, fill sink, begin to thaw turkey.


Wake up! Sort more laundry. Change turkey water. Change Christmas CD. Wrap some more (at this point, seriously *almost* done). Unload dishwasher. Load dishwasher (especially since one sink in now taken up by the turkey, natch). Throw in another load of laundry. Go back to the Clay Christmas CD. Plan rest of day (to include, in no particular order, a trip to Target, a quick run into the grocery store to see if they've restocked what they were out of last night, a Diet Coke from McD's (oh how I need you, McD's Diet Coke!) and a naptime workout - J's working from home, yay!). Update blog.


Gratuitous pictures...

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