Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been searching for a good pair of shoes that are casual, yet sturdy and don't make me look like I have clown shoes on (very, very important!). Most importantly, I needed something that wouldn't hinder me if I needed to set off after Liam as he escapes halfway down the street (which has happened once or twice and I ended up having to run barefoot since my sandals were getting in the way).

While I do prefer to wear something that I can slip on and off easily, as we're heading into cooler weather, I knew my new favorite shoes and my Birks (no, I'm not one of the socks and Birkenstock wearers) would have to banished for a while (watch, though, I will wear my sandals for as long as I can...until there's snow on the ground).

I found them! They arrived today and I'm sitting here wearing them and loving them. So comfy! I will always be a New Balance girl. I have the worst feet in the world to fit...wide with a high instep and they never recovered from pregnancy. New Balance is perfect for me and I'm in love with my new shoes.

OK, I guess that wasn't that quick. But there you go.

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