Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bullet Points, Again

  • Who knew it was so difficult to buy a microwave? We went to both of the big box home improvement stores tonight and asked about 3 different models and neither store had any of them! Go figure, eh?
  • I made kickass macaroni and cheese tonight. I tweaked my recipe just a bit and it was the best yet. I'll definitely make the changes permanent.
  • Today involved a lot of running around and I slept terribly last night. I'm exhausted.
  • I actually called the number on the bottom of the second to last box of Oatmeal Teddy Grahams that we own and asked what happened to them. Apparently, they weren't selling well enough so they discontinued the flavor. Suck! Liam and Ella both love them, with neither kidlet agreeing on another flavor. Ella doesn't like the chocolate; they both dislike the honey and for some unknown reason, I don't really want them to try the chocolate chip flavor yet. I guess I felt the oatmeal crackers (really, come on, they're cookies) were the best choice and I'm bummed that I can't make that choice any longer.
  • OK, seriously...Cloris is still on?! I'm not a Kim Kardashian fan at all, but Cloris is just a joke and has been from the beginning.

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