Monday, March 2, 2009

This Is My Ass Getting Kicked By Life

  • I've been having some pain in my left shoulder/upper back and it's been radiating up into my neck, resulting in a pretty massive headache everyday for the past 5 days or so. I'm assuming that I've been sleeping in an awkward position. For some reason, I don't have the pain while I'm working out or for a while afterwards. It lessened somewhat today, but has now been replaced...more on that below.
  • J's been dealing with a pretty stressful situation at work that's had him very distracted lately. He came up with an awesome solution to a very huge problem, but it took some convincing to give his solution a try (mainly because the person who created the problem doesn't want to take any responsibility for his actions and it claiming that there's no solution (then there's no real problem, get it?) and by admitting that J's solution might work he'd thereby be admitting that the problem can be solved). His company's been having layoffs, too, but he's been spared. All around, though, it's been stressful.
  • The kids were insane today. INSANE. They didn't nap, although I made a valiant effort. J had a conference call to deal with, so I had timed their nap to coincide with the call. No. such. luck. Much to the kids' dismay, I didn't get them until the call was over, but I didn't stop secretly wishing that they would just give into sleep, if only for half an hour.
  • After "nap," Ella was particularly nutty. She didn't want me to snuggle with Liam on the couch and was just making so much noise. She's a chatterbox anyway, but was just superb today when it came to rattling every fiber of my being.
  • J was trying to concentrate on work and Liam was practicing his latest trick: constantly playing in the fridge. The locks we put on a while back? Useless. The monkey boy figured them out and is tall enough to open the freezer now, too. He loves to play with the light in the fridge, turning it off and on is just the. best. thing. ever. don't you know? Liam's also in love with cheese lately, and I've designated a dish in the fridge just for his cheese. Oh it's his favorite thing to claim that he's getting some cheese, but really to see how long he can get away with playing in the fridge. We're not so subtly losing our minds with this latest activity.
  • The kicker, though? To try and get a sugar rush today, J grabbed a pudding cup and used the end of a can of whipped cream. Ella spied the whipped cream and demanded some, but didn't understand that the can that J had used was empty. He threw it in the trash and, before I could open a new can, she opened the trash and began licking the can. I'm a bit of a germ freak and reacted, uh, strongly to this. I cleaned her up quickly and grabbed a new can of whipped cream, shook it perhaps a little too vigorously and the damn thing slipped out of my hand. It landed square on the big toe on my left foot. All I can say is Thank God it was my foot and not one of the kids. I howled in pain and J came over immediately to see what had happened. Blood was pouring from underneath the toenail. I could barely put two words together and just started bawling in pain. The kids have never seen my cry that hard (and it takes A LOT to make me cry), so they were freaked out and the blood just. wouldn't. stop. Finally, we wrapped paper towels around my foot and secured them with a rubber band and I headed upstairs to wash my foot in the tub. Good freaking Lord it's nasty. J wrapped it up in gauze and about 8 band aids and it bled for hours. Yes, HOURS. It's actually still bleeding a little bit if I walk around too much. I think my workouts for the week are pretty much screwed.
  • I spent the rest of the night trying to avoid collisions with the kids and trying to not focus on the pain in my toe. 8 1/2 years ago I dropped a 20 lb. bucket of cat litter on the big toe of my right foot and lost the nail. This is a trillion times worse than that. I'm definitely going to lose the left nail too, at some point.
  • It's only Monday, damnit.

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Lorraine said...

omg heather!
i hope your week gets better