Friday, March 6, 2009

Bullet Points From Stir-Crazy Me (Most Of It About My Toe, Because I Know You Care)

  • The toe is slooooowly on the mend. I've been stuck in the house all week, because I haven't been able to tolerate any pressure on it (not even my slippers!), so wearing shoes hasn't been an option and therefore I haven't been able to get out with the kids. Take a wild guess at how cabin-feverish we are! I dare you. I'm meeting my former boss for lunch tomorrow, come hell or high water (even if it means wearing sandals!). I. must. get. out.
  • Shortly after I hurt the damn toe on Monday night, J and I were talking about how I was going to have to modify my workouts for the week. Hah! Just call us naive. If I'm lucky, I'll make it back into the gym on Monday. Fortunately, I'm not experiencing any ill effects of not hitting the gym so far...
  • I've been living in a state of high alert whenever the kids are around (so, pretty much all of the time) because they keep bumping into my toe. Ella got it 5 times in a row last night. She's my little loveable klutz, that one.
  • My mother came down Wednesday and yesterday to visit. She's managed to find two foods that the kids will devour. They love her spaghetti sauce (which, admittedly, is the same recipe I use and they like when I make it...I just haven't made it in a while and there's apparenly something special about "Nana pasta" that just makes it taste better than when Mumma makes it). Yesterday, she brought a baked popcorn chicken recipe for me to try (get that? The partial invalid got to make dinner while the kids soaked up Nana love.). It was fairly easy to whip up, so you don't have to feel too sorry for me (because I know you're all feeling so sad for me...). Oh they were in heaven! That's definitely going to become a weekly staple.
  • Anyone watching The Biggest Loser? This is the first season I've ever paid attention to, but how sucky was it that they had a cliffhanger this week?! I was one unhappy camper, let me tell you.
  • I think the kids are tearing their room off I go.

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Lorraine said...

my word verification is feverina; maybe you can use that word instead of cabin fever. haha

how do you make those cute flower bullets? is it just a choice?