Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Smorgasboard, But Mostly A DWTS Recap

Lorraine, I'm pretty sure the little flower bullet points are part of the blogger template that I'm using. They haven't come out in any other template and, as I'm writing up a post, they look like normal bullet points. I was surprised to see them come out as flowers the first time, and I really like them so I'm not too keen to change my template any time soon.


Sunday night was the first attempt at wearing real shoes (thanks to the weather, I did mange to get out on both Saturday and Sunday in my sandals, but wore sneaker-type shoes to go grocery shopping on Sunday evening). It went pretty well/felt better than I expected.

I did get back into the gym last night and it felt great to workout and get all sweaty again. I only did my weight and stretching routines, as the toe was a little achy by that point. Surprisingly, the moves I thought would hurt (lunges) didn't, and moves I didn't even think involved much end-of-foot action caused some pain. I felt like a bit of a puss for not getting my cardio in, but when I took my sneakers off and saw a little blood on my sock, I knew I'd made the right choice. Today I'll go in, for cardio only.


Dancing With the Stars recap: I heart my DVR so, so much.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll try to go in order of how they danced, but most likely will mess them up after the first few:

  • I actually caught the first dance at the gym, from a distance. I didn't know who was dancing, and thought the woman must be the professional, until I saw Derek dance onto the floor. It was Lil' Kim. When I got home and watched the episode on DVR, I saw that she was only a little better than alright. I guess she looked better from afar. She'll be OK, I think, and she certainly has the entertainer's background, but I don't think she'll go too far. Mid-season, at most. Who knows, though. Maybe her girls back in prison (hello! nice shout-out) can manage to keep her 'til the end.
  • Lawrence Taylor needs to relax. He's not going to be able to live up to the previous football players, I don't believe. He's too worried about looking like a fool. Why, then, did you agree to do this show? He seems nice enough, but I don't think he'll be able to let go and get into the dance enough. Poor Edyta.
  • Oh, Belinda. You are the Priscilla Presley of this season. Too stiff, but supposed to bring some older-woman class to the show. She made a good effort, but I don't see her going too far. Poor Jonathan. He needs to stop being such a nice guy and maybe they'll pair him with someone who might actually have a shot at winning.
  • Bravo to Steve-O for cleaning up his life. Dude sounds like he eats cigarettes, though. I appreciate that he wants to clean up his image, and it does appear that he was really trying. I think his fanbase will keep him in for a while and that he's really going to make an effort to improve, but he'll be gone towards the end of mid-season, at the latest.
  • I've never even heard of Gilles Marini, but Holy God is he HOT! And, he can dance! My money's on him. Cheryl might just be a three-time champ. Vote for this guy!
  • Oh, how cute was Shawn Johnson?! She did a lovely Waltz and Mark has a competent competitor to work with. I bet the differences between gymnastics and dance are frustrating, but I am pretty confident that she'll overcome them. She and Mark'll go far. Maybe all the way to the finals with Gilles (then I don't know who I'd root for!). Their pairing kind of reminded me of Mark and Sabrina....hmmmm.
  • Poor, poor Ty Murray. J and I were literally balling up in our seats and cringing throughout 99% of his performance. Dude was so nervous! I'm sure that his wife dropping out last week was a bit of a blow for him, but he just couldn't overcome his nerves. He seems like a sweet guy, but his dancing was all Kenny Mayne (and then some!), sans the sense of humor. I felt just awful for him.
  • I thought Julianne wasn't doing this season? Apparently, if your boyfriend is going to be on the show that changes everything. I bet it's none to easy to have to teach your partner when he's also your partner irl. I'd pretty much beat J to death if we were in that situation. I've never heard of Chuck Wicks, but then I'm not a country fan. He did well, though, and Julianne has a history of bringing out the best in her partners. Plus, they have an innate chemistry that no other couple can bring. He'll go far-ish.
  • Holly Madison?! Puh-leaze! She didn't waste any time keeping her name out there, but good on her for going on out there with only 5 days of rehearsal. She's quite the little chicken, though, isn't she? Teeny tiny legs and arms...she looks so breakable. She was definitely concentrating on the moves (who wouldn't be?), but I don't have high hopes for her. Think Hef'll be voting for her?
  • I had ZERO expectations for Steve Wozniak, but he was so endearing! He clearly enjoyed himself and the process. I fear he'll be the first to go, but I have a feeling that won't bother him. He's done a lot of good in his post-Apple career and he has a new fan in me, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure Karina'll be pissed to go early, but she bugs me anyway.
  • I have two words for Denise Richards: media whore. She bugs me; I don't like her; I don't understand her "acting,", she was too stiff and I don't think Maks will be able too pull much out of her. I wonder if Karina is jealous that he got Denise. I think Denise is hoping her sex appeal will get her far, but I don't think it will. Dude, her dress was so bright I think it hurt my TV.
  • Poor Kym...she doesn't get David Allen Grier's sense of humor. He is funny, and I believe he is sincere in trying to do his best in the competition. He seemed smooth at times, so he'll last until mid-season, I think.
  • I don't watch the Bachelor, but I'm no so out of touch that I didn't hear about the craziness of last week. That Melissa can dance! Of course, she has a background in it already, but for only having stepped onto the dance floor on Saturday morning, she was fabulous! I adore Tony and I think this is another couple to watch. She seems likable enough, too. I'm smelling sympathy vote at first, then genuine appreciation of her abilities.
So, that's that. I think Gillies, Shawn, maybe Chuck, and Melissa are the ones to watch. Every season, when they announce the cast, I usually do a double-take. They picked who?! That was most definitely my reaction to this season. Already, I've been surprised and I love it.

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