Sunday, March 16, 2008

Muy Productivo

J and I are feeling super productive after this weekend. He's worked on several little things around the house which have added up to feeling like a lot has been done. We've been here nearly 6 1/2 years, but it's only now finally starting to feel like "our" home. We're busy cleaning, getting ready for Easter, and I'm just so pleased with all of these little changes around the house that I'm a very content chick as of late. I'm waiting to see if C notices any changes when she stops by on Tuesday, so I'm not going to give any of them away (there's nothing terribly exciting - unless you count the fact that, as I type this, J is steam cleaning the living room carpet for the first time since the Muffins were born - and God did it need it! - (he did the front room carpet Friday night) but I'm not going to let her cheat by checking out what I have to say here).

Tonight's dinner was pork tenderloin with an apple cider and cream reduction. Holy God was it fantastic! A made it last weekend when she was visiting so I had to see if I could replicate the meal. And replicate it I did! I'm so happy that I have more time to cook lately.

My life of late has become a flurry of emails, text messages, phone calls and appointment wrangling. Mom's sort of, kind of, a little bit on board with finally talking about looking at new places to live (which, of course, means selling her home - and that's nothing less than ginormous), and I've become the point person to coordinate viewings, etc. It's really a complicated matter that deserves its own entry, but it's consuming a great deal of my time and emotions lately (you know, because the family member who has toddler twins and is trying to get pregnant again and trying to plan for a small, though meaningful, Easter celebration followed three weeks later by a second birthday party involving the in-laws has plenty of spare time on her hands). Suffice it to say there are boatloads of emotions running more than a tad on the high side and they're all trying to swallow me into the maelstrom that is moving an elderly relative who can't really imagine letting go of something so dear.

I enjoy the long sentences, eh?

In random news, our address was selected for a survey for the US Census Bureau to collect data for the Bureau of Labor and Statistics about household income, education levels, health, and "other important subjects." While I wasn't too jazzed about doing it, I thought it wouldn't be too terrible and awful, but I didn't realize (because I didn't read the letter fully) that it involved more than a one-time Q&A with a representative from the Census Bureau. Hello...the guy calls here once, then checks in with me for three more months. Then I get "an 8 month break" and he calls back this time next year for four more months to track any changes to our information. Maybe I should just ask him to move in?

Alright - this was supposed to be a quickie just to say hello and tell you that I've been thinking of you and wish you were here and all that jazz.

More later on how I'm living in my own personal sandwich.

Have a great week!

ps - Geraldine Ferraro is an ass and I wanted to post a long rant about the hubbub surrounding what she said, but time got away from me. The candidate Ms. Ferraro supports is not where she is today based solely on her own merits, so the former Vice Presidential candidate needs to step the hell off.

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