Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can You Tell She's Nearly 2?

The Muffins don't particularly enjoy having their diapers changed, so we're usually distracting them with a DVD case or something of equal appeal. The other day, I decided to let #2 play with a remote to a VCR that long ago went the way of the wind. When I was through with her diaper, I explained to #2 that the remote (which the babes call "mote") was only to be played with during diaper changes.

Yesterday, as I was changing my sweet monkey girl and she was fascinated with the remote, she became concerned that her brother was going to try and take it from her (which is actually a little trick she employs when I'm changing his diaper)...

In order to ward off her brother, #2 proclaimed, "No, my diaper mote! My diaper mote!!"

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