Friday, March 21, 2008

Melting My Heart

J worked from home today so I was able to hit the gym this afternoon. The kids were relatively low-key and J was able to get a fair amount of work done while I was gone. When I came home, #1 was upstairs attempting a nap. It wasn't going very well, and I made the executive decision that #2 needed a nap, too (she's ever so stealthily trying to get away with not napping and she is far too young for that). I brought #2 up, kissed #1 and told them to have a good nap. I showered and they did indeed take a brief nap.

When they woke up, though, #2 was fit to be tied (I think she was still very tired and not ready to be awake and her world was being seriously rocked) and would not stop crying. The plan - pre-waking fit - was that I was going to take #1 shopping with me and #2 would play while J finished his work. I tried to calm #2 down and #1 was doing alright until he decided that he really needed Daddy to be in the room with us. Cue two screaming toddlers. J did come and hang out with us and #1 calmed down. When I thought that #2 was calm enough, I got ready to leave, packed up #1 and we headed out the door. J hung out with #2 and got her interested in some Brain Candy. She apparently was distressed to realize that #1 and I had left, but did eventually settle down. may be asking yourself why I didn't just take both Muffins with me and leave J to work in peace. Simply put, it's very hard to take #2 to most retail outlets and it's absolutely impossible to take her to Target. We can get away with taking her to Lowe's or Home Depot, because she is in love with the race car shopping carts and loves "steering" around the store. We can even get away with going to the price club and plunking her in the double-seater carriage. She will tolerate either of those scenarios. But Target? I think she thinks she owns the place. She stomps all over the store - cute as anything, mind you - and J ends up getting quite the workout chasing after her. #2 refuses the shopping cart and, since Target doesn't have any double seater carts and because she rejects the stroller, too (so I can't even do my handy push the stroller-pull the carriage maneuver), we just don't bring her to Target. Don't even ask what it's like when it's time to leave the store. #1, usually is a dream to take shopping. Until today.

I made the mistake of allowing him to walk into the store with me, rather than carrying him. Then he pulled a #2 on me and downright refused to get in the shopping cart. He wanted his freedom and would not be convinced or cajoled into the cart. So...I left the store and then begged, pleaded and prayed that he would get in the van. Eventually, with the distraction of my cell phone, he did settle down enough to let me strap him in. He cried all the way home, but was happy about the prospect of seeing Daddy when we pulled in the driveway.

The whole point of this long-winded and, I'm sure, boring narrative of my children's shopping preferences?

When I walked through the door, #1 snugly in my arms and happy to be home, I hear a squeal of delight from the living room, "[#1!]" "[#1] home!"

It's the first time that one has so openly stated missing the other and it made my day and melted my heart.

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