Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chocolate Gets Me Through Some Days

Cadbury Mini favorite Easter candy.

(Although, my all-time favorite is the little Russell Stover bird's nests made of chocolate and coconut with mini jelly beans as the eggs. Can't find them anywhere locally for the past couple of years, though. Oh wait! Here they are!)

What's yours?

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orodemniades said...

Well, I've eaten the better part of a bag of 'fruit' jellybeans the past couple of days. And I don't even like jellybeans all that much.

Oddly enough, Easter was one of my favorite holidays when I was a kid, and I fully intend on sharing the joy with the Chieftain. In fact, my mom got him an Easter basket and a toy the other day, so we're all set!

As for candy, chocolate will always do, especially in bunny form. Or Peeps, can't go wrong with a Peep. Can't do Cadbury's Creme Eggs though, they're too sweet. Mini-eggs are ok.