Saturday, March 8, 2008

Life, Recently (In Bullet Points, Of Course!)

  • Elton John was good. C's man, Jeeps, gave her tickets to the EJ show at the Verizon Wireless Arena for Valentine's Day. C invited me to go and it was a nice night. It was a pretty mellow show for the most part, which was fine with me. It was just the man and his piano and, let me tell you, he's making a mint off of this tour. The ticket prices were outrageous, but he did perform for ~ 2 1/2 hours straight and came back for autograph signing and a two-song encore. Sometimes, though, I feel like a little old lady. As nice of a time as we had, I missed being home with J and the kids. (Plus, the Verizon sucks as a concert venue. It was built to be a sports arena and the acoustics are muy terrible for concerts. We saw barenaked ladies there years ago and you could barely make out a thing they said. That said, it did work out better when it was a solo performer and one instrument - except for the songs I wasn't familiar with...then I couldn't tell what the hell he was saying.)
  • I'm getting really tired of Cirie on Survivor. Was she really a favorite? She's running the game and is driving me nuts.
  • Mom stayed with us for most of the week because she fell last Sunday trying to remove some snow from her well cover. Her left knee already gives her problems and no one wanted her to be alone in her house. It worked out well and the Muffins were in love with having their Nana here. She got some much needed rest and her knee was doing much better by the time she went home. I'm feeling...overwhelmed isn't the right word, but I suppose it'll do...anyway, I'm feeling significantly more pressure to get Mom out of her house sometime this year and I have a post brewing about that that I need to find the right words for. I'm struggling with finding balance between my desire to care for my mother and my husband and children.
  • We bought a wet vac last night and J is having a blast (I think) using it in the basement. We've had issues with seasonal wetness downstairs since we've been here, but with the intense snow this winter and now a ton of rain coming down, the wetness is kicking into high gear and J is trying to get it under control so we can work on redoing the finished part of the basement this summer. Hopefully, our plan will work. I would love for the Muffins to have a larger play space.
  • I think I developed some form of Stockholm Syndrome about winter. I'm very used to the snow and don't mind it at all. Now that it's been milder and we're getting rain, I almost feel fooled by Mother Nature. I don't like the ugly end to winter. The dirty snowbanks and the debris of winter is depressing. Plus, some of our snowbanks are massive. For a while there I didn't think they'd fully melt until June. Now, maybe, we're looking at late April. And, damnit, we have to lose an hour tonight. Daylight is overrated. Ugh.
  • Tomorrow marks one month until the Muffins turn 2. I cannot believe my babies are almost 2! Where has the time gone?! I'm planning an Elmo themed party the Sunday after their birthday for grandparents, Godparents, C and Jeeps and J's sister and her family. I'm hosting Easter in a couple of weeks, too, so I need to get cleaning!
  • For the record, I will not vote for Hillary if she is the nominee.
  • I really want noodles.


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