Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My cell phone was the unwitting victim in a Daddy-toddler wrestling match recently, necessitating the purchase of a new phone pronto. It'd been 5 years since I'd last bought a phone, so I was definitely due for one, but the choices were almost overwhelming. Add to that the fact that the Verizon store is, I believe, one of the circles of hell, and I wasn't thrilled with the idea of having to get a new phone. But, I needed one fast so I had no choice.

Normally, I like to at least get into the store to test out how the phones feel and to see what features I like and which I don't feel comfortable with. I didn't have the opportunity to do so, but I'd had my eye on the LG enV2 for a while so, after much research online, I went with it. Because he was due for an upgrade as well, J also got a new phone. I did everything online...ordered the phones, activated them and even managed to run the backup assistant correctly for J's phone (I screwed it up on mine, but know how to do it for future upgrades). It was so easy!

I'm still learning all of the bells and whistles (considering that I was still learning features on my old phone up until recently, I'd say I'm doing pretty alright), but I'm a little bit in love with the phone. Liam is too, and has set my ringtone to be frogs and chirping crickets...if he could, he'd play that alllll day long.

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