Monday, January 12, 2009

A Converstaion At 3:30 In The Morning

Liam hasn't been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks and it's kicking my ass, but this is really about Ella.

Last night (or, really, early this morning) Liam once again woke up to tell me that he had to be changed. I brought him downstairs and changed him, but not before he had woken Ella up. When I returned him to his room, reminding him for the umpteenth-million time that he could not have a drink in bed because he always manages to spill the non-spill sippy cup all over his bed (and, as was the case yesterday morning, the floor) and also reminding him that the Christmas tree is down in the basement in its storage bag until we need it for next Christmas, Ella rushed to the door telling me that she needed to be changed, too.

I lugged her downstairs and oh my God she is so damn cute I can't stand it! She was half asleep, but very chatty and narrated her surroundings.

Ella: Hi, Mommy.

Me: Hi, Monkeybug.

Ella: I peed.

Me: I can see that. That's a very full diaper.

Ella: Why you not dressed, Mommy?

Me: I am dressed. I'm wearing my nightshirt.

Ella: Oh. Where your pants?

Me: I don't wear pants to bed.

Ella: No, Mumma. Where your na-night pants?!

Me: Honey, I don't wear pants to sleep. I just wear a big t-shirt.

Ella: Oh, but you need na-night pants! (pause) What color is your na-night shirt?

Me: Grey.

Ella: Oh. (looks around as I carry her back upstairs) I really think you need na-night pants, Mommy.


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