Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weekend Plans and Two Asides

It's been over a year since we've traveled overnight with the Muffins and oh how much has changed since then. Not the least of which is Liam's latest trick of pushing his bed away from the wall, scaling the tallest part of the back (a good 4 1/2 feet) and then jumping into his bed.

We leave Saturday morning for Grand Isle, Vermont to celebrate Nurse and I's civil union and it's a weekend-long event. We're fortunate to be spending the weekend where the ceremony will be held, and Nurse and I made sure to book a suite for us, with two bedrooms and a private bath. I am infinitely grateful for that. I am, however, concerned about the sleeping situation for the kidlets.

I'm planning to bring the pack 'n plays, but think it may be an exercise in futility. Apparently, the room for the kids has two daybeds, and since their cribs have now been converted into daybeds (albeit, daybeds about 4 inches off of the floor), I think the allure of the different beds may be too strong. I already know that naps will be completely out of the picture both weekend days so I'm hoping that exhaustion wins out in the end. The amount of items I need to pack is almost mind boggling, though, as Liam will require no less than 5 snuggly toys and 3 blankets to sleep with.

That said, though, I'm really looking forward to this trip. On the way up, we're going to visit with KL and see the new baby and I'm excited to get in some baby nuzzling. The festivities kickoff Saturday evening with a cookout for all of the guests and then hanging out with the happy couple. Sunday promises to be a fun day all around, and I'm doing a reading at the ceremony. For their gift, I did up a copy of the poem, along with images from their invitations and had it framed. It looks great and I hope they like it.

We've been having an amazing stretch of great weather - quite possibly the best August ever! - and it looks as though it's going to hold for the weekend.


Gwen Stefani, really? Zuma Nesta Rock? I get the homage to Bob Marley, but it's quite unique.


So excited to see who Obama's veep pick is! I have a hunch it's Joe Biden, but we'll see...

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