Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let's Talk Politics

I've been a little disappointed with the Democratic National Convention up until this point. It's seemed very tepid and lacking in bite. I think Michelle Obama was alright, but tame. Perhaps they're trying to polish her "First Lady" image and tone down the strong woman aspects of her personality. I will say that I think Hillary did a great job last night and I appreciated her speech. Calling for the suspension of the roll call and nomication of Obama by acclamation was great, too. What do you think she'll get in the Obama administration? Attorney General? Secretary of State?

I was thrilled that New Hampshire's delegation unanimously cast their votes for Obama. Last week, on The Exchange, some delegates who were initially Hillary supporters said they felt obligated to cast their first vote for her. I'm glad they listened to her message last night and presented a united front.

Joe Biden did very well tonight and I am so excited that he's the VP nominee.

I hope Obama comes out guns blazing tomorrow night and really fires the party up. Everyone needs a massive jolt of caffeine or something.

I'll be very interested to see McCain's VP pick...I'm thinking Kay Bailey Hutchison's stock is rising...but, overall, I think his options suck.

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