Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Highlights Of Grand Isle

  • The view, the view, the view!
  • Being witness to an amazing partnership filled with love, devotion and joy.
  • Liam and Ella taking their first showers AND sleeping in real beds (and Ella only fell out of bed once on the first night!).
  • Candy jar centerpieces at the cookout on Saturday night (brilliant idea!).
  • Late night dancing to "La Vie Boheme" with several family members. Very touching and loads of fun.
  • Tucking Ella into bed on Sunday night and telling her that I loved her. She reached up to me, gently stroked my right cheek and told me, in the sweetest whisper, that she loved me too.
  • The ice cream cart (in place of wedding cake - another great idea!).
  • Visiting with family and celebrating with Nurse and I. By far, the best wedding I've ever been to and most likely will ever attend.

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